Ultimate Marine Adventure Package

  • Feel the warm Pacific breeze as you travel out to the Marietas Islands by boat
  • Have the chance to see Humpback whales, bottle nose dolphins, sea turtles or rays
  • Witness the power and beauty of the Humpback whales while observing them in their natural habitat
  • Take in the sounds and singing of the whales with an onboard hydrophone
  • Snorkel with over 100 different species of protected reef fish
  • Find the hidden beach of the Marietas Islands “Playa de Amour”

Join us for the Ultimate Marine Adventure where we combine the Marietas Islands National Park Adventure with the Whale Watching Safari to allow you to enjoy both experiences together while out on the water in the Bay of Banderas.

You and your group will be given the opportunity to view the behaviours of the Humpback whales off the shores of Punta Mita.
Tail lobbing, spyhopping and breeching are some of the daily aerobatic activities of the whales. Experience the beautiful sounds and singing of the whales with an underwater hydrophone onboard the boat. We will keep you engaged with interesting facts and information about these beautiful underwater mammals!

From there its off to the Marietas Islands for the chance to observe the marine and bird wildlife. You will be given the opportunity to snorkel crystal clear waters to observe the beautiful reef and over 100 different types of reef fish that surround the shores. Find the hidden beach of the Marietas by swimming through a cave to the golden sand of the “Playa de Amour” – sure to be the highlight of your trip! Blowholes, rock archapeligos and the raw beauty of the landscape will leave you with a magnificent memory of your adventure to the Marietas Islands.

Contact us with any questions or make your reservation through our secure link as space and availability is limited.