Whale Watching Safari

  • Get “up-close and personal” with Humpbacks in their natural and protected habitat and watch them show off during our Whale Watching Safari.

Every year hundreds of acrobatic Humpback whales return to their birth place to give birth to calves or to reproduce, making the Bay of Banderas an ideal place for an amazing Whale Watching Experience you can’t miss.

Their arrival begins in late October and extends into early April before they travel back to their feeding grounds in Canada and Alaska for the summer.

Within the waters of the Bay of Banderas, as they are protected by law, Humpbacks are safe from any open water dangers and can be seen putting on magnificent shows of breaching, tail lobbing and exciting playful activity.

With the chance to get up-close and personal by boat with these beautiful mammals, there are many behaviors that you and your family and friends can witness. You also can have excellent opportunities to take great pictures (bragging rights included!)

As displays of courtship, male groups try to lobby for female attention by launching their 50 ton bodies in the air.

Quite often dolphins, turtles, rare birds and other unique marine life can be spotted during the safari.

Newborn calves nursing and swimming along side their mother gaining strength before the long journey north and the day to day activities of these beautiful creatures are daily events that you can frequently observe during our exciting Safari.

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